Taurus 942 22 LR 8-Shot Revolver with 3 Inch Barrel and Matte Stainless Finish


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Taurus 942 For Sale Overview

You have been asking for it and now Taurus delivers with the 942 (Taurus 942 For Sale) Double action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. For all the people that have been begging for a lightweight, low recoil revolver that offers you an exceptional value, look no further than the Taurus 942. This firearm is ideal for recreational shooting, training and practice and certainly there will be some individuals who will press this revolver into service as a concealed carry tool, but whatever you needs you can trust the Taurus 942 as a reliable DA/SA revolver option.


Is the Taurus 942 a good gun?

Although the Taurus 942 is called the Ultra-Lite model, it is 17.80 oz. It was still very light, and the balance was superior – not just good, but superior. If I had to crank out eight accurate rounds quickly, I would choose this gun. The 942 is a double/single action, with an external hammer.

Is a Taurus revolver any good?

The Taurus 856 is a good option if you’re looking for a lightweight revolver with a six-round capacity. Understand it still has the downsides of a lightweight revolver. This gun is going to have a fair amount of recoil for its size. The quality of Taurus products seems to be improving.


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