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Buy Nikon Black Fx1000. The Nikon® BLACK FX1000 Rifle Scope offers a first-focal-plane reticle for dialing in at long range throughout the entire 4x power range nikon black fx1000 for sale  . High speed tactical turrets are clearly marked, and the elevation turret features the BLACK Return-to-Zero integral zero-stop. Side parallax focus and a quick-focus eyepiece get target, reticle, and parallax focused sharply at any range. Fully multi-coated glass maximizes light transmission for bright images with sharp contrast.

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The FX1000 rifle scope is constructed with a 1-piece, 30mm aluminum tube. The scope is O-ring sealed and nitrogen gas purged for waterproof/fog-proof integrity. The Nikon BLACK FX1000 Rifle Scope comes with either the FX-MOA or FX-MRAD reticle, each designed to optimize sight picture and provide the necessary tools for range estimations and compensation for bullet drop and wind drift. Includes sunshade nikon black fx1000 for sale  .
The Nikon Black series of scopes offer exposed turrets with a first focal plane and second focal plane series, each with powers in 4-16 and 6-24 with 50mm objectives. There are illuminated and non-illuminated versions depending on the model with MRAD and MOA options.

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The windage and elevation turrets are in quarter minute increments with 25 MOA per revolution, which is very nice. The windage turret was labeled with increasing numbers in both directions from zero, just as they should be. The max adjustment of 60 MOA will be fine for most but will severely hinder your ability to stretch shots to extended distances. The clicks were very audible and the detents were suitable for easily getting to the desired setting for your shot. I personally was not a fan of the feel as I will best describe as having very narrow detents. There were times I would miss my dial on the first attempt and overshoot which required going back a click or two. Although the clicks were more audible and the detents were more pronounced than the Athlon Ares BTR, the end result was the same as I was left wanting better.

  • First-focal-plane reticle
  • Integral zero-stop
  • Side parallax focus
  • 4x power range
  • 1-piece, 30mm tube
  • Waterproof/fog-proof
  • Fully multi-coated glass

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Before I mounted the Nikon FX1000 on a rifle, I attached it to my tracking test rig. I found the reticle sub-tensions to be spot on.  Tracking was perfect using twenty MOA up, left, down, and right adjustments many more times than would be normal in field use. The reticle is very usable with one moa sub tensions.  Obviously, being first focal plane, that will remain throughout the zoom range. The zero stop feature has become a must for me and Nikon’s setup works well and is very easy to set. To set the zero stop you simply remove the turret, loosen the set screw on the zero stop collar, turn the zero stop collar clockwise until it stops, then tighten the set screw, and replace the turret


Overall I feel the Nikon FX1000 is the best scope at under $1,000 for long range hunters who desire to dial. Although I do not feel it is the best at any one feature, it does do everything well and packs a lot of features into a scope in this price range.


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