B&T APC9 9mm Submachine Gun

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B&T APC9 9mm Submachine Gun



B&T APC9 9mm Submachine Gun for sale in Legal Guns Shop in USA. The B&T APC9 9mm Submachine Gun is used not only for normal police duty, but selected by special response units worldwide for it’s reliability, accuracy, compact size and ambidextrous handling. The APC9 conveniently accepts widely available interchangeable GLOCK 9mm magazines; making it the perfect submachine gun for all police and military tasks. Gat guns , buds guns, b&t apc9, b&t apc9 pro ,guns plus, get some guns, Hyatt guns, spring guns and ammo, Zx guns. 9mm Submachine Gun, 9mm Submachine Gun for sale. The B&T APC is a family of firearms produced and manufactured by B&T of Switzerland. Announced in 2011, the submachine guns series uses standard 9×19mm,.40 S&W, 10mm Auto and.45 ACP ammunition


    • Caliber: 9mm
    • System: Closed Bolt Blow Back
    • Operation: Semi-Automatic or Full Automatic
    • Length min./max.: 597mm / 23.5in (with stock)
    • Width: 67 mm / 2.63 inches
    • Height: 290 mm / 11.41 inches (including magazine)
    • Barrel Length: 175 mm / 6.88 inches
    • Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.95 lbs (with loaded magazine & stock)
    • Stock Pull: 340mm / 13.38 inches
    • Barrel Thread Pitch: 3-Lug
    • Magazine Type: GLOCK 9mm
  • Capacity: 17, 24 or 33 rounds
Cartridge: 9×19mm (APC9).40 S&W (APC40), 10mm Auto (APC10).45 ACP (APC45)
Action: Straight blowback, closed bolt
Rate of fire:1,080 rounds/min (APC9), 1,000 rounds/min (APC9-SD, APC9 SD PRO, APC45 SD PRO), 880 rounds/min (APC45), 1,100 rounds/min (APC9 PRO), 1,150 rounds/min (APC40 PRO), 920 rounds/min (APC10 PRO), 900 rounds/min (APC45 PRO)
Effective firing range:100 m
Feed system:15, 20, 25, and 30-round B&T MP9 detachable box magazine (APC9), 12, 17, and 25-round detachable box magazine (APC45), Glock lower receiver for Glock magazines in 9×19mm, 10mm Auto and.45 ACP, SIG lower for SIG Sauer P320 magazines
Sights: Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights.


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