Aero Precision 224 Valkyrie BCG


Bolt Shot Peened; HPT/MPI
Bolt Material 9310 Steel
Bolt Finish Black Nitride
Caliber 224 Valkyrie / 6.8 SPC
Extractor O-ring Viton; Mil Spec
Carrier Material 8620 Steel
Carrier Finish Black Nitride
Carrier Design M16 Full Auto Style, Properly Staked
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224 Valkyrie BCG Overview

Aero Precision is a leader in AR15 (224 Valkyrie BCG) parts manufacturing and this Bolt Carrier Group one of the best!


At Aero Precision we’re known for two things: superior engineering & machining, and also the ability to get the customer what they need, when they need it.

Our goal is simple: technical perfection

Aero Precision’s roots deeply tied to aerospace, and our drive for clean, perfect engineering and machining stems from that.  We take that same approach in the firearms industry. Not every manufacturer will have razor thin tolerance levels. Not every manufacturer will personally oversee the development, design and machining of every part that comes off the line. We’re not every manufacturer.

State of the art in every way

Manufacturing a great receiver isn’t just about what the end product looks like. It’s about what it feels like, how it works, how it handles and performs. To ensure that each and every one of these elements meets the mil-spec standard, we look at the process from which the product created at a holistic level. We push the boundaries of manufacturing and challenge the status quo by constantly looking for new ways to use, develop or evolve existing processes.

Our investment, your benefit

Rail guided robotic equipment, new horizontal machining centers with sophisticated monitor devices and hydraulic tooling to ensure consistent loading. These pieces of equipment are standard in our shop and exemplify the dedication we have to investing in our work. We engineer total process control. We have made and continue to make the upfront investment to produce the highest quality components day after day. Are there cheaper ways to build the same product? Sure. .

Includes Aero Precision logo.




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