AAC M4-2000 Fast-Attach Silencer w/ Flash Hider


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AAC M4-2000 Fast-Attach Silencer w/ Flash Hider

AAC M4-2000 Fast-Attach Silencer w/ Flash Hider

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The worlds most effective 5.56mm silencer just got better. The AAC M4-2000 Mod 08 features the patent pending fast-attach Ratchet-Mount to provide precision accuracy with minimal and repeatable zero-shift. Users have the ability to install or remove the silencer from the Blackout™ flash hider/muzzle brake, or the BRAKEOUT compensator, in seconds.

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The compact size and light weight have minimal affect on maneuverability. The M4-2000 Mod 08s extreme durability is maximized by CNC automated fusion welding of every high-temperature aerospace alloy component used in its construction- making 100% suppressed full-auto fire possible on barrels as short as 10 inches. The back-pressure lowering design of the silencer aids in shooter comfort, reduces weapon fouling, and minimizes cyclic rate increase. As a final step, tapered-bore EDM technology is utilized to ensure precise bore alignment resulting in enhanced accuracy and maximum performance. By eliminating approximately 97% of the muzzle report, the M4-2000 Mod 08 preserves the hearing of the shooter and nearby support personnel. Eliminating muzzle flash in the harshest of environments. Includes 51T 1/2×28 Blackout® Flash Hider Mount.


Weight: 17.6 oz
Length: 6.625″
Length added: 5.10″
Diameter: 1.50″
Finish: Cerakote™
Sound Reduction:32-34dB
Mount:51T Ratchet Mount; 51T 1/2×28 Blackout Flash Hider Mount included
Materials: Inconel 718 & 316L SS


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